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Analytical laboratory EHS–LAB is a self-contained economic entity, which provides:
- services in work environment studies,
- production studies especially in chemical and pharmaceutical industries,
- laboratory tests of water and wastewater,
- test of the emission to the environment
- preparation and implementation of analytical projects.
Our laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation in the domain of tests and environmental measurement of work station and the test of water and wastewater (full scope of accreditation – click here ).
The laboratory was separated in the 2013 from Teva Operations Poland (pharmaceutical company).
The institute in Cracov has a long tradition dated back 30's of the XX century. This time, on the outskirts of the city, a small factory was created. The factory was mainly engaged in the production of nutrients and foodstuffs. The factory was a subsidiary of the well-known company - Dr. A. Wander S.A.
In the 60's of the XX century , in the structure of Polfa Cracov company there was Toxicity Laboratory which had to monitor a harmful factorsat the work stations. Subsequently, there were two more laboratories formed: the the laboratory which was monitoring a quality of water and wastewater, and the laboratory which inspected the rest of the environmental aspects. In 90’s, these three laboratories were connected and then they formed The Laboratory of Toxicity and Environmental Studies, which were operating under the Department of Environmental Protection.
In 2009, the president of PLIVA Kraków S.A. decided that the laboratory was transformed in the Laboratory of Health and Safety and Environmental Protection. After that it become an independent part of Health and Safety Department. The Laboratory of Health and Safety and Environmental Protection analysis are focused on monitoring conditions at the work stations and checking the environmental aspects connected with TEVA environmental interaction.
 This activity is continued by the EHS-LAB Laboratory, which continually develops its offers to satisfy customer need.

EHS-LAB  Laboratory was accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation in domain of chemical studies of the air,  air sampling  and inspection ofenvironmental engineering researches  - noise at the work station, lighting measurments, the noise of industrial equipment and the water and wastewater measurements no AB 1226 (range of accreditation in website.


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